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Becoming a Bulk SMS reseller is pretty simple, and does not require you to know anything about programming or web design. You will get a fully designed bulk sms website, registered and hosted, with an online SMS application already set-up for you to get going. Our Bulk SMS Resellers have the advantage of buying cheap bulk sms and selling at any price they wish and can manage their our bulk sms subscribers on their own using their own admin page.

Join the enterprising today and smart group of bulk sms resellers who have decided to be financially free. Our cheap Bulk sms Reseller Program offers you away to build income while offering your customers first-class bulk SMS services under your own company name. Earn money selling bulk SMS services!

Reseller Pricing

Website Development: 10,000 Naira

Domain Name: 2,000 per year

Web Hosting: You pay 3,500 Per year for a web

Hosting account: This hosting package should be enough to power your business until your website grows big.

Total: N15,500

SMS units to be purchased at reseller price N1.5 or lower, depending on the quantity purchased. Once your payment is made, please send the following information to us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1) Your proposed bulk SMS domain name.

2) E-mail address.

2) Telephone Number(s).

4) Your Contact Address.

5) Quantity range and prices that you want to be selling your bulk SMS for each quantity range.

6) Your Bank account details you want your customers to pay into.

Become a Bulk SMS Reseller : Own Your Own Bulk SMS Website. Start your own Bulk SMS business and become your own boss, let us help you to achieve your dream of bringing in more income.

We offer the best, fastest, most reliable and cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria. Our bulk SMS portal is reliable, efficient and fast. Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to communicate with millions of people. You may find cheap bulk SMS on other bulk SMS portals but you can rest assured of getting the cheapest bulk SMS deals / prices on our bulk SMS portal.